About Us

Archway Fundraising Solutions Limited was established in 2012, with eight years of experience in direct marketing as its foundation. Based in Essex, the company provides fundraising solutions for hospices around the country. The primary way that our fundraisers work is to provide house-to-house sales. In doing so, they inform potential supporters about the causes they could be supporting and the benefits of entering a lottery. Our role is to build a salesforce from mature, reliable and compassionate people who can represent hospices with respect, knowledge, and experience.

Up to Date

Archway strives to do our best for both our hospice clients and our fundraising staff. We make an effort to stay up to date on the latest practices for fundraising in ethical and effective ways.

The best service

Our fundraisers receive initial and continuous training to ensure they are always able to provide the best service. By ensuring our staff are treated with the utmost respect they are motivated to advocate for the hospices they represent.


We offer not just a job but the beginning of a career in fundraising, sales and marketing.


We are dedicated to ensuring that our staff has the necessary expertise to talk to people in their homes.


Our fundraisers help supporters feel comfortable by having friendly discussions, encouraging empathy for the local causes they can help.

Qualified and Experienced

Of course, our qualified and experienced senior management are there to help our fundraising teams perform at their best. Our managers have worked in direct marketing for years and have experience in creating and running successful campaigns for charities, businesses and other organisations. They know how to help their fundraising teams reach their full potential. If you are interested in beginning your direct marketing career with Archway Fundraising Solutions, visit our recruitment page to find out how to apply.