Fundraising solutions
for hospices around the UK

Archway Fundraising Solutions Limited

Archway Fundraising Solutions Ltd is a fundraising business working with hospices around the UK. We specialise in recruiting players for hospice lotteries. Our friendly and reliable fundraisers, while raising awareness and promoting the work of hospices encourage people to sign up for weekly lottery entries which raise valuable funding for local hospice care.

Become a fundraiser

Anyone who wants to be a fundraiser for Archway can upload their CV straight to this site. See our recruitment page for more information.

fundraising lotteries

Society lotteries are an excellent way for charities to raise valuable funds. They make supporting easy and fun. We help to run local lotteries that support hospices and promote the amazing work they do.

charity lotteries


We're passionate about the causes of the clients we support.

Tailored Solutions

We can offer tailored solutions for the hospices we work with.

Quality Service

We pride ourselves on providing only the best quality service.

Door-to-door fundraising

Door-to-door fundraising is one of the best ways to approach supporters. It takes a direct approach and gives potential supporters someone to connect with face-to-face. By providing fundraisers throughout the country, we help to run local lotteries that support hospices and promote their cause.


We only hire people with a mature outlook and a firm sense of ethics.


Tailored training is provided to all our fundraisers.


Complying with current legislation is also a top priority.


Our fundraisers deliver to our clients' requirements.